ESC consulting group utilizes ”Concepts for Success in the 21st Century” to help organizations develop employees to increase individual and team motivation, innovation, communication, performance, and team work, to enhance individual and organizational success. One of our methods of accomplishing this is through our train-the-trainer program based on systems theory and the 4-L Approach©, a multi-purpose development tool that establishes a foundation to facilitate and improve communications, cooperation, and coordination between leaders and individuals and within and between groups, teams and organizations.

The 4L Approach© builds this foundation by providing leaders and individuals a common framework and language to facilitate their communication and interaction. Using leadership modeling at all levels of the organization, the program is self-sustained, group leader led, and focuses on building individual, peer, and organizational trust and confidence through a clear understanding of the interrelationship of individual and group perceptions, personality, and how they respond to and manage stress. This preventive approach program focuses on stress prevention and reduction in its earliest stages by building a supportive environment at the organization, group, team and individual levels. The program can be utilized as a stand-alone training module or incorporated into and support existing leadership, development, and wellness programs.

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