Uses of Assessments
Assessments are widely used in business, educational institutions, government, heathcare, military, and religious organizations for professional and personal development of their people in such areas as: 

Career management Cultural awareness Performance improvement
Change management Employee retention Succession planning
Coaching Employee selection Team building
Communication Employee development Understanding self
Conflict resolution Leadership development Understanding Others

 Understanding Qualification/Certification
The wide range of instruments available brings with it a wide range in the complexity of instruments. Because the application of certain instruments affects individuals, publishers of personality instruments often require specific educational and/or training to certify individuals to use their instruments. Instruments are generally assigned classification levels, based on The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing published by the American Psychological Association.

Two Types of Instruments: Unrestricted and Restricted

  • Unrestricted instruments are available for use by anyone who is interested in using them and the resulting reports.
  • Restricted instruments require the administrator to have specific educational and/or training qualifications. There are two avenues to meet the qualification criteria:
  1. complete  a qualification or certification program approved by the publisher of the  specific instrument OR
  2. hold a  bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree and have satisfactorily completed college level courses in the interpretation and measurement of  psychological instruments

Determine if you are qualified to use our restricted instruments
2.  Leverage your current qualifications/certification with other instruments to expand your instrument “tool box”
3.  Leverage your college education become qualified with more restricted instruments



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