Stress and college seem to go hand-in-hand.  College students are experiencing increased levels of stress in several areas.

–43%  of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress

–85%  of all office visits to family physicians are due to stress-related symptoms

–64% of Americans say they are taking steps to reduce stress in their lives

**63% of all female college students are having difficulty coping with stress

**69% of all college students are stressed and would be embarrassed to seek help

**49% would encourage a friend to seek help for emotional problems; only 22% would seek help themselves

**69% said they would turn to friends for help

**63% said they would turn to family

**12% said they would turn to their college advisor

Stress Affects Student Academic Success

  • Stressed students are more likely to drop out of college due to stress than to level of academic requirements.The results of student stress are decreased academic performance, reduced retention rates, increased health problems, and increased risk of depression, violence or suicide.
  • To enhance the probability of success in college, advisors need to be aware of and trained in techniques to identify stress that is impacting academic stress. With advisors often having a case load from 200+ at small colleges to 600+ at large colleges, a concise, easy to understand, learn, and apply program is needed.
  • How can this be accomplished? Through the 4L Approach – Look, Listen, Learn, Live. This is a systematic approach to stress identification and to conversation that can help the student realize the areas of stress and then taking steps to address that stress.

The 4L Approach© for Stress Management

The 4L Approach© for Stress Management is designed to address individual and group stress for the major groups in colleges: students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The 4L Approach© is a comprehensive stress awareness and wellness program providing a common framework and language that can be utilized on a daily basis to create a cooperative and supportive environment to reduce student, faculty, staff and administrator stress, thereby directly contributing student success and faculty and staff effectiveness through increased communication, cooperation, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Research indicates that a supportive environment is the best deterrent and control element for reducing stress and enhancing the individual and organizational motivation, wellness and morale.

The 4L Approach© is a leadership modeling program, not an Employee Assistance Program. It is taught and modeled at all levels throughout the organization. The 4L Approach© has been specifically designed to be integrated as a foundational module into an organization’s existing leadership development program or to be included as a foundational module into an organization’s new leadership development program. The 4L Approach© is designed on a simple two step process: Learn and Apply. (1) Learn about stress and the 4L Approach© method, and (2) Apply the 4L Approach© method first in yourself and then to support others as they experience stress in their life. For use with college students, the program is designed based on research of college students. For use with faculty, staff and administrators, the program is designed based on research of working adults.

Two assessments are utilized for program participants, a stress inventory and a personality or development assessment. Both assessments are taken online prior to the program.

  1. The K-H Stress Inventory© is given to assess the participant’s current level of stress. The resultant K-H Stress Inventory© Report provides participants with a snapshot of their current stress level, teaches participants essential information about stress and the 4L Approach and, most importantly, teaches participants how to develop a personal action plan to address their stress  and to build resilience for future stress.
  2. Since different “types” of people handle stress differently, a personality or development assessment is taken prior to the program.  If the organization currently uses a particular personality or development assessment, that assessment’s results can be used in the program.  If the organization does not currently use a personality or development assessment, ESC can suggest one the four online “type” assessments we have available.

The 4L Approach for Stress Management is a leadership modeling program consisting of five components:

  1. Assessments:                  K-H Stress Inventory©  and a personality or development assessment
  2. Reports                            K-H Stress Report©  (individual report)               a combined team report  (optional)
  3. Instructor materials:           PowerPoint presentation with script
  4. Program Delivery Options
    a.  ESC conducts a train-the-trainer program (via webinar or on-site)
    b.  Organization in-house staff  conducts the 3-hour program for students, faculty, and staff using the materials listed above.
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