This page contains descriptions of three online assessments related to student success:

  • K-H Perceptions Inventory™ – High School
  • K-H Stress Inventory™
  • Majors Personality Type Inventory™

K-H Perceptions Inventory™ – (High School Edition)

The K-H Perceptions Inventory – High School Version is a 56-item self-report instrument in which the participant responds to statements about their perceptions of what college will be like for them as an incoming freshman. The statements describe perceptions in eight major categories of college related. The individual responds on a 5-point scale from (1) Totally Disagree to (5) Totally Agree. The Inventory determines the number of correct perceptions and the number of misperceptions in each category. To help improve the probability of retention and success in college, the report (1) reinforces the student’s correct perceptions and (2) provides information to help the student correct misperceptions about college.

Price: $8.00

o   Preparation for College o   Self-understanding
o   Critical Thinking o   Perceptions Awareness
o   Diversity Dynamics o   Behavioral Change
o   Cultural Understanding o   Systems interactions

K-H Stress Inventory™
The K-H Stress Inventory© is a 96-item self-report instrument in which the participant responds to statements about their current level of stress. The statements describe stressful situations in eight major categories. The individual responds indicating their current stress level on a 5-point scale from (1) Low Stress to (5) High Stress. The Inventory determines the individual’s collective stress level in each of the eight categories.

  • The purpose of the report is two-fold:
    • To teach the individual information about stress and the 4L Approach™
    • To teach the individual first how to apply the information in their life and then in the life of others.
  • The 4L Approach™ is designed:
    • To help the individual learn to deal with stress in their life
    • To respond to stress in other people’s lives.
  • The 4L Approach™ is a simple two-step process: Learn and Apply
    • Learn about stress, what it is, the categories of stress and the components of the 4L Approach™
    • Apply the 4L Approach™ to their daily life and they encounter others experiencing stress.
  • Price: $15.00
o  Self Improvement or Development o   Improving Communication with Partner
o  Team Building o   Conflict Resolution
o  Leadership Development o   Personal and professional coaching
o  Building Resilience Against Future Stress o   Support Group Development
o  Counseling (personal, family, marriage, addiction, abuse) o   Improve Communication in the Workplace
o  Stress Management o   Compassion Fatigue

Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (Majors PTI™)

  • The Majors PTI™
    • is a shorter, less expensive and just as accurate alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument (MBTI® instrument).
    • This innovative  instrument builds on the 50 years of science behind psychological type and brings it up to date with the new technology of type.
    • The MajorsPTI™ will help your students learn valuable information about how they direct their energy, take in information, make decisions, and how they orient to their a comprehensive 9-page report that provides a detailed description of the type dimensions including: Four dichotomies,  the individual’s reported scores and the resulting 16-type four-letter code, the whole type description, the application area results for Leadership Methods, Learning Preference, and Work/Activity Preferences,  and a brief description of all 16 personality types. The report also contains information to facilitate further growth and development of your studentsts’ understanding of their best-fit type.
  • ESC has a variety of personality assessments available, however, we suggest the Majors PTI™ because it it shorter, less expensive just as accurate as similar (Jungian 16 type) assessments.
  • Price: $9.00

Other Assessments By Mark Majors, Ph.D.

  • The Majors Occupational  Environment Measure™ (Majors OEM™) (Career Exploration Profile)
    • is a 93-item instrument that measures interests, tasks/activities and environmental settings. This information is used to form separate Preference and Avoidance scales for 11 Occupational Action Groupings (OAG; 22 scales total), as well as 6 scales of Global Interest Areas (GIA; provides Holland Occupational Code) that represent aspects of developed personality. The OEM is simple and easy to administer online. The MajorsOEM takes on average 15 minutes to complete and is valid for ages 16 (high school juniors) and up.
    • The Majors OEM – Career Exploration Profile (Majors OEM-CEP) report provides your clients with valuable information to help them make career decisions that are satisfying and a good fit for their personality. It is equally effective for those who are starting out or changing careers; anytime making the right career choice is important. The MajorsOEM-CEP makes the process of choosing the “right” career or occupation understandable by putting structure into your client’s decision-making process. Clients learn how to identify the possible satisfying occupations, and reduce the chance that they will be surprised later by unexpected disappointments. The CEP report reveals the individual’s patterns for Avoiding or Preferring the 11 Occupational Activity Groupings (groups of tasks, activities and environments in which they are performed). They will also discover how their Global Interest Area (parallel to Holland Occupational Code) results can connect them to different working environments. This report gives specific process information to help your clients make an informed career decision leading to occupational satisfaction.
    • Price: $9.00
  • The Majors Occupational Environment Measure™ (Majors OEM™) (Satisfaction and Retention)
    • is a 93-item instrument that measures interests, tasks and activities. This information is used to form 28 different scales: Separate Preference and Avoidance scales for 11 different Occupational Action Groupings (OAG) (22 scales total), as well as 6 scales of Global Interest Areas (GIA) that represent aspects of your developed personality. The OEM is simple and easy to administer online. It requires on average 15 minutes or less to complete.
    • The MajorsOEM Satisfaction and Retention Profile is a report that is designed to help your clients improve their occupational experience and help keep them in their current job. The results are descriptive and not part of any complex theory. This report will not tell them what to do or encourage them to make career changes. The results are from eleven Occupational Action Groupings (OAG) based on common occupational tasks and activities and the environments in which they occur, and six Global Interest Areas (GIA) that represent aspects of developed personality that are commonly used to provide matching between the environment and the individual (RIASEC). The individuals’ preference and avoidance pattern across the eleven OAGs as well as their personality matching profile for the GIA is given. The results give your clients:
      • An understanding of how they interact with and match their working environment.
      • Information about how they can improve their occupational satisfaction and relationships.
      • A  general structure to help them to identify how some of their individual personality differences shape the behaviors they have chosen in the past and will choose in the future.
    • Price: $5.95

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