ESC provides non-profit organizations with tools and training to increase individual and team motivation, innovation, communication, performance, and team work to enhance organizational success.

The 4L Approach© Program, based on systems theory:

  • Provides leaders and individuals a common framework and language to facilitate their communication, interaction and, more importantly, trust and confidence between leaders, individuals and teams.
  • Using leadership modeling at all levels of the organization, the program focuses on building individual, peer, and organizational trust and confidence through a clear understanding of the interrelationship of individual and group perceptions, personality, and how they respond to and manage stress.
  • Incorporates a preventive approach focusing on stress prevention and reduction in its earliest stages by building a supportive environment at the organization, group, team and individual levels.
  • Establishes an organizational culture of success by creating a working environment that motivates leaders and employees to perform, as a team, to the best of their ability to achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Can be utilized as a stand-alone training module or incorporated into and support existing leadership, development, and wellness programs
  • Program Objectives:
    • Teach leaders and trainers how to use the 4L Approach© in their organization.
    • Teach leaders and trainers how to use assessment results, especially in the area of stress management.
    • Teach leaders and trainers how to use the perceptions, personality, and stress assessments to better understand themselves, their co-workers, family, and others and, more importantly, to model and teach those principles in daily interactions and activities.
Wellness Programs Personal Development
Team Building Leadership and Leadership Modeling
Communication Enhancement Employee Assistance Programs
Stress Awareness and Management Anger Management
Depression Counseling Workplace Violence
Suicide Prevention Conflict Resolution

Recommended Participants: Leaders and trainers for all organizational levels.

Program Delivery

  • Webinar blended methodology includes online  instructor lead lecture and discussion and offline individual  activities and application.
  • On-site delivery. Contact ESC at 270.873.7433 or email for details.
  • Primary Instructor: Psychologist (National Certified Counselor)

Utilization of Perceptions, Personality, and Stress Management Assessments in Training Programs

  • Information contained in the three assessments is essential to the learning and application processes of the 4L Approach©.
  • Training will be conducted using sample reports. Participants are encouraged to take the three online assessments; however, participants will not be required to complete the assessments as part of the ESC training. Completion of the assessments is always voluntary. Since individual responses to assessment items and the individual’s assessment report are considered personal and confidential information, during the 4L Approach© training programs participants are not required, encouraged, or allowed to share their assessment report information.
  • Client organizations that make the assessments available to their employees will administer the assessments and generate individual assessment reports via an online assessment site controlled by the client organization.
  • Utilization of online assessments in the 4L Approach© training programs will be in accordance with the client organization’s confidentiality policies related to the collection, access, dissemination, safeguarding, and storage of employee personal information.
  • Online Assessment Certification Training.  Assessment publishers often require certification training to administer and interpret certain assessments, notably the personality assessments. If you have trainers that need certification, ESC has two online assessment certification programs. Contact ESC at 270.873.7433 or email for details.
  • Online personality, stress, and other assessments are available for your organization on a dedicated assessment site which you control. There is no  set up or annual lease fee for the site. You only pay for the assessments you use.  Please contact ESC at 270.873.7433 or email  to discuss your needs and to receive a price quote.
  • In addition to the perceptions, personality and stress assessments,  additional online assessments are available on our site.

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