Stress is extremely costly for both organizations and employees. ESC’s Stress Management programs, with the foundation of the 4L Approach™, provide effective and efficient solutions for enhanced motivation, wellness, morale, and productivity–essential elements for increasing organizational profitability and return on investment.

Stress Management is a Leadership Function, Not an EAP Program

     Stress is recognized as a major issue for individuals, businesses and organizations. Productivity, efficiency, and employee morale are affected when individuals, teams, departments, etc., are under stress. Stress left unchecked can lead to depression, possible workplace violence, and in some cases, murder and suicide.

STRESS is the starting point on the downward progression to suicide

  • Stress leads to Anger
  • Anger turned outward is violence          (focused toward home, workplace, road rage, etc)
  • Anger turned inward is Depression      (focused toward self harm)
  • Depression turned inward is Suicide   (focused toward finding a solution – getting out!)



  • Stress is a major drain on corporate productivity and competitiveness

  • 43%  of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress

  • 85%  of all office visits to family physicians are due to stress-related symptoms (the majority of the costs for these visits are paid by organizational insurance)

  • 64% of Americans say they are taking steps to reduce stress in their lives

  • 20-40% of job burnout in the U.S. is stress related

  •  $300 billion spent annually on stress related:

                absenteeism                        reduced productivity            compensation claims         

                health insurance costs         direct medical expenses       employee turnover

  •   Stress related expenditures affect the organization’s bottom line

                –$7,500 per employee per year

                –$15,000 per year for workers reporting stress


Click here to learn how the 4L Approach can help you reduce the  stress for your organization and employees.

Stress management is a leadership fuction, not an EAP program.

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