Educational Success Concepts, LLC is a consulting group that utilizes “Concepts for Success in the 21st Century” to help organizations develop employees  to increase individual and collective motivation, innovation, communication,  performance, and team work, thereby enhancing individual and organizational success.

Being successful in life (education, occupation, relationships, etc.) is highly dependent upon mastering four recurring components of life:

  • Successfully handling your stress in life
  • Successfully understanding yourself and others
  • Successfully developing your critical thinking skills
  • Successfully understanding your perceptions of yourself, others, and the situations of life

Usually you see these investments listed as money and time.  We have chosen to list them as time and money because:

  1. Our time is limited, the same for everyone,  and we first must learn to invest our time wisely, the earlier we learn this sooner we learn to enjoy life.
  2. Our money is unstable, we can have it or not have it, the  status often changing without our control, yet most people spend a lifetime working to acquire it.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Derek Bok (25th President of Harvard University)

The three most expensive investments of their time and money that individuals normally make in their lives are:

  • completing and paying for college educations for themselves and their children
  • performing their jobs
  • purchasing a home (make that homes over their lifespan)

 Get started learning to successfully handle the stress in your life  — just a click away!

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